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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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(6) should establish content to shed alliance as soon as possible. Of Qingdao developing zone quite one part other people flows to the enterprise is transformed by traditional Chu Yunye and come, accordingly, be in start the burgeoning property that the developing zone content of level grades course of study to be not real significance to go up, hold the double feature that has traditional Chu Yunye and burgeoning industry concurrently however. Accordingly, through alliance means forms strategic alliance between content shedding enterprise, carry out supply catenary government, with optimized supply catenary participates in competition of home, international, raise Qingdao development the competition of content abortion industry in home, international market ability and market share, already became content of the great majority inside the area to shed the development strategy of the enterprise.
The angle that divides the work from major looks, the core task of production enterprise is commodity development, design is mixed make, jobber and shopkeeper should have the advantage that group fabric sheds more than manufacturer, because of them advocate course of study is current. But the production enterprise of Qingdao developing zone (letter of the Er that be like the sea, sea) own giant sale network not only, and still the matter that covers whole sale area flows deserve to send a system, its content sheds establishment to shed a business than professional other people more advanced, these production companies can use sth resembling a net of existing content drift net and establishment completely to begin electronic business affairs. Will tell to these enterprises, the design that more more important than investment is content shedding system and content shed the sound program of resource. Accordingly, the optimal way that Qingdao developing zone establishs content to shed alliance develops manufacturing company and professional other people adequately to shed a business namely the advantage of two respects, in production the enterprise already had content to spread the base of equipment, combine professional other people to shed the management concept of the enterprise and system arrangement, the content that establishs Qingdao developing zone jointly sheds a system.
(2) content shedding enterprise should spread effect of main body of the play in the market in content.
(1) the thing that builds pattern of Qingdao developing zone sheds garden division, undertake having constituent development and construction. Attract energetically on one hand domestic and international large the content that cross a state sheds an enterprise to enter garden area, the content inside rapid promotion division sheds an enterprise to run quality and level; On the other hand, breed this locality content actively to shed a business, wait for means conformity through annex, alliance existing content spreads resource inside the area, form the thing that has fair competition actual strength to shed a group as soon as possible. Accordingly, qingdao developing zone is in the process that develops modern other people to flow, should breed this locality content to shed an enterprise to serve as a key, also answer at least with introduce exotic to shed an enterprise to pay equal attention to, both cannot do one thing and neglect another.
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