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Foreign trade policy is not evening comparing today
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  The 102nd wide hand in can postpone meeting brief introduction

The 102nd wide hand in can kick off in Guangzhou at 15 days. Current wide hand in still can use “ two houses two period ” mode, pa continent is exhibited the house exhibits a house to be held at the same time with road drifting a flower, first phase is on October 15 —20 day, the 2nd period for on October 25 —30 day. 14 days of evening, by Xiamen municipal government assist the 102nd when do wide hand in meeting opening party to be held in Oriental guesthouse, wide hand in Yi Xiaozhun of undersecretary of conference vice director, Department of Commerce, wide hand in Shang Bingquan of vice director, can standing vice-governor to wait attended a party.

Current wide reach meeting exhibition gross area 635 thousand square metre, always exhibit digit 32005, increase 323 than previous term or session, share ginseng of 15054 enterprises outside churchyard to exhibit. Among them, guangdong trades round mutual ginseng postpones a business 1644, extend a number 4034.5. From current begin, wide the new label that the ” of “ Bao Xianghua that hands in meeting general to collect in order to to bloom and “ arrange wind rotor ” to be originality prototype. Guangzhou group opens first days to clinch a deal exceed 80 million dollar, relatively growth of the corresponding period of previous term or session exceeds 5 % , clinch a deal area is given priority to with Europe, America, Asia, carry on toward strong, obtain make a good beginning.

The entrance exhibits an area foreign flavour is dye-in-the-wood

Experience previous term or session is wide after handing in the exploration that can hold an entrance to exhibit first, current wide hand in meeting entrance to exhibit an area enlarge to allow to 15 thousand square metre, increased than previous term or session 5 into, showpiece time is day of 15 days of —20. Meanwhile, the enterprise outside coming round to enter the area that exhibit also more diversity, share the 480 enterprises ginseng that comes from 57 countries and area to exhibit, include 9 among them least of all 17 enterprises of the developed country. To ensure the entrance exhibits area item on display 100 % are make outside the condition, avoid " to import China of item on display to build the awkwardness of " , current wide hand in meeting entrance to exhibit undertook multinomial reform. And make outside 100 % condition, register outside 100 % condition, 100 % offer all these of …… of custom detailed list to make current wide hand in meeting entrance to exhibited an area to have genuine “ foreign flavour ” . Product of “ high end is more, content of science and technology is higher also, this ability is the entrance exhibits the place that attracts us truly. The purchased business to convey a house first days feeling that ” comes from Shenyang.

In addition, current each service that extends meeting entrance also has get perfecting further. Foreign trade center exhibits business to recommend company of representative of 4 international freight to regard acceptance of consignment of item on display as business to the ginseng outside the condition, the carriage of specific and responsible item on display, storage, close, examine, the “ such as quarantine is one-stop ” serves, the spot still sets the ginseng outside the condition to postpone business service center. The concerned branch such as custom, qualitative check exhibits area item on display to continue to offer to the entrance close and superintend the advantage that waits for a respect, offer ” of “ green passageway into the house for item on display.
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