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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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(2) resource conformity respect should flow to develop new approach in content, sum up new experience. Content sheds an enterprise to obtain larger market share and business dimensions only, ability produces the effect of contemporary IT adequately, improve efficiency, reduce cost. According to Qingdao developing zone content sheds the actual condition with company assets poor fluidity, should use the force that the government manages to state-owned asset, accelerate property right to trade market construction, stimulative asset flows, through transfer or share means facilitating content sheds the resource conformity of the enterprise, raising capital utilization rate, reduce property right to trade cost, establish large omnibus modern other people sheds bibcock business side to produce effect. Still should be encouraged at the same time and facilitate large-scale production or current business entrust content shedding business content to shed bibcock business, drive content to shed bibcock enterprise to be done as soon as possible do greatly strong.
(3) should make overall plans since bear, the responsibility of harmonious development. Qingdao developing zone is in the process that expands content abortion line of business, sheet relies on guild to still can't breach the aspect that the industry sets up a separatist regime by force of arms, government of proposal developing zone establishs an integrated harmonious orgnaization, adjust content abortion course of study to develop policy as a whole; Build the harmonious department that is in charge of content shedding, break at present the industry is broken up, sectional intersected is adverse situation, promote the content between disparate industry to shed resource conformity.
(4) want normative content to shed management, preventive sheds bubble, raise content to shed industry credit. Current, qingdao developing zone lifted content to shed upsurge, of all kinds the thing that making content shed fascia sheds a business more, the level is uneven, good and evil people mixed up. This hampered content sorts the optimizes conformity and structure to go up harmonious development of resource on one hand; Create malign competition easily on the other hand, bring about market order disorder and industry service level to drop, those who go against what content sheds industry credit to rise to shed business with content is farther extend.
(5) should facilitate and carry out content to shed unifinication strategy. Content shedding unifinication is with content shedding the system is core, this one supplies chain integration that till consumer place is comprised,sheds a business by manufacturing company, sale business, content and systematization. Content abortion course of study is the person that the leader chime of social production chain is moved, can offer all-around content to shed a service for the society, it is the high level that content shedding industry develops. Content shedding unifinication is content sheds the development form of industrialization, must shed sufficient development and maturity to be a foundation with tripartite content. Content shedding industry grows certain level to be able to appear necessarily the great progress that tripartite content sheds, and tripartite content sheds the correlativity that there is special rule between the development level that has rate and content to shed line of business. Content of western developed country sheds industrial development to prove, content shedding occupies independent tripartite 50% when, content sheds industrial ability to form. So, the development level that tripartite content spreads is mirrorred and reflecting other people of a country to spread the integral standard that industry develops.
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