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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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(1) the life that quality is an enterprise, it is the main factor that the company can grow continuously. The content of Qingdao developing zone sheds an enterprise to should be begged first live, pursue again development, establish it is oriented sale concept with the user, develop and extend content to spread demand, do inside existing market territory do greatly strong, strengthen the transverse or fore-and-aft combination between the enterprise, extend market scope of business further, improve service quality.
(2) management credit is the intangible assets with precious company. The content of Qingdao developing zone sheds an enterprise to should want beneficial result to management, firm in employee establish the management concept with consummate user, build a strict business regulation and system, catching good interior mechanism management, improve service quality while, should notice to establish management reputation more, expand socially influence. Only the credit of whole industry rose, consignor company just is willing to sort thing business to entrust content to shed company representative, content sheds market ability to do bigger more.
(4) build fictitious other people to shed a business.
(1) it is current that IT and content flow to be united in wedlock the most remarkable development trend. As the development of global economic integration and IT, between the country, between area, between the city, the collaboration between the enterprise is strengthened increasingly, business of supplier, production, cent sold business, shopkeeper and user to be comprised through supplying chain, a complex network structure, accordingly, build goer to shed alliance to already made directive Qingdao development the new way that content shedding company cooperates.
(2) build fictitious other people to shed a business. Fictitious other people sheds a business is by the function reasonable allocation, information and run unifinication, interest to share each are numerous the content that undertaker of content shedding link forms sheds community. It can be to make enterprise and content shed the fictitious other people between the enterprise to shed alliance, also can be medium or small the fictitious thing that content shedding enterprise builds sheds cooperative mode, anyhow is it is a foundation with advanced IT, supply the thing that catenary information is a purpose and compose builds in order to share to shed industry trends alliance. The goal that establishs fictitious other people to shed a business sheds an organization through content namely, trade, the service, fictitious network that manages kind, make content sheds vivid kinetic energy quite convenient, quick undertake, the fast, security that achieves content shedding, reliable with low fare.
(5) advance content to shed informatization and standardization construction
(1) the nerve center that content shedding informatization is content shedding development. Need of Qingdao developing zone is accelerating content to shed information infrastructure construction, give aid to and breed a batch of Internet content to shed information to serve a supplier, strengthen content to shed enterprise informatization construction, accelerate content to shed the respect such as process of informatization of relevant trade management department to do the following work: Want to drive business other people to shed administrative informatization. The informatization that optimizes content to shed management to basically rely on business other people to shed management will drive, through informatization the method can promote what business other people sheds management to optimize. 2 should drive intelligence to carry satellite of administrative system, whole world to locate system and geographical information system are built, accelerate compose to build the platform of public information system of port, the development that promotes content of fundamental sex, commonweal sex to shed information natural resources, use. The 3 development that should strengthen crucial to content shedding information technology, research and promotion apply.
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