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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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Qingdao developing zone prepared to construct via approval of the State Council in October 1984, have city of free tax zone of development of technology of economy of national level Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao division of test of development of new technology estate and travel of provincial phoenix island go vacationing area, as old as Qingdao urban district is overland be linked together, sea route is interlinked, already formed network of the sea, land, empty stereo transportation. Qingdao developing zone makes full use of a variety of area function advantages and policy advantage, with collect of harbor of the bay before Qingdao Er of outfit dock, sea, sea is believed, bay the industrial garden area such as Ke Ma and close high, 3 beauty and pine are coarse 500 strong companies of the world that be stationed in an area are carrier, develop container, goods to store energetically through a variety of means such as solely invested, joint-stock, collaboration, freight representative, shipping representative and international shipping Wu, formed the content free that accords with as market economy rule, current as international regulation to conform stage by stage its flow, quick and punctual, economy the socialization of satisfaction of reasonable, user, specialization sth resembling a net of drift net of modern other people. At present whole area (contain free tax zone) have content to flow (storage) enterprise 908, among them foreign capital enterprise 69, register capital RMB one billion seven hundred and thirty-one million two hundred and eighty thousand yuan, foreign capital four hundred and eighty-seven million seven hundred and eighty thousand dollar, industry of abortion of whole area other people presents the state that gives flying progress.
One, content shedding company grows Qingdao development the current situation
The development of any industry can be experienced form period, into long-term, autumn and winter 4 phase, content abortion course of study is in Qingdao developing zone shorter when ask inside spent form period and the becoming that enters rapid development is long-term. Overall for, content sorts Qingdao development infrastructure construction and pace of communication network construction are accelerated, the development that sheds line of business for modern other people provided safeguard. Abroad content sheds an enterprise to march the progress that content shedding market sheds line of business to developing zone content produced Qingdao development huge impact, posed grim challenge, also accelerated Qingdao development conformity of content abortion course of study and recombine, the pace of powerful powerful combination, with period make a large thing that has home or international competition ability shed a business as soon as possible.
1. The berth of container of 11 deep water that with bureau of trade of Hong Kong action, Shatedibai harbor, Taiwan grows iron of Ma Shiji of flourish, Denmark, England to wait for transnational corporation to invest many yuan of 200 build jointly all right and enlighten do obeisance to, float inferior, Hai Feng, foreign capital content flows to course of study lands Qingdao developing zone quickly and develop quickly.
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