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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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(2) the long-term sex that sheds enterprise dimensions to enlarging content, arduous sex has made sufficient thought preparation, it is ‘‘ to content shedding the concept of ” of source of the 3rd profit should have accurate knowledge. The content of content shedding enterprise sorts Qingdao development cost occupies GDP about 16% the left and right sides, and the developed country occupies 8% ~ only 10% , this one vast difference does not shed gain of market presence a huge sum on behalf of developing zone content, because be below buyer's market condition, content sheds the cost in link to reduce brings value both neither is the profit of content shedding enterprise, also not be the profit of production and current business, however enterprise must the value that demise gives customer, only such company ability gain competitive advantage in market competition, acquire larger market share. That is to say, applying modern other people to shed technical result is to let consumer get material benefit, gain market share for the enterprise. Accordingly, the traditional content of the developing zone sheds an enterprise to want development to become modern other people to shed an enterprise to must practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, reduce cost, improve service quality, do good business will long-term high investment, portfolio is tall grow, the thought preparation that runs small profit and corporeal preparation. ’
(3) the development fixed position that becomes good thing to shed enterprise oneself. The other people with Qingdao numerous developing zone sheds a business in, can develop those who become omnibus modern other people to shed a business to be occupied only truly very few one part, major thing sheds an enterprise to will be in market competition be washed out or integrated. Accordingly, build get used to content to shed a technology reasonable and requirement, orderly industry structure is imperative. On one hand, should walk along intensive to change management way, form have resist certainly the industry group of direction of development of industry of risk ability, dominant; On the other hand, compete through the market, the sieve singles out a batch to run agile small business to satisfy the thing with different society to spread demand, form it is for dominant, many small company with a few big company additional structure of stable pyramid of content abortion course of study; 3 should break limitation of system of ownership, district and branch to break up, encourage and guide this locality content to shed enterprise and nonlocal content to shed a business between, thing of different domain, different type flows annex is passed between the enterprise, recombine, the form such as joint-stock, collaboration, the advantage is complementary, develop content to shed line of business hand in hand.
(3) content shedding enterprise should take seriously improve level of management and service quality, strengthen industry credit to build.
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