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Leave the country the guest is marine guideline
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1. affirmatory destination and hand over means

The passenger should decide the destination that article carry goes to, decide its hand over means (hand over means to be able to be divided by the place that receive money arrive to harbor and door for the door the door) .

The door arrives harbor: Passenger (consignor) the destination haven that should make clear article carry to go to or its draw near haven. In far company (carrier) be in charge of be in pick up the goods to arrive from the consignor destination haven a paragraph carriage, consignee needs to hold sheet of pick up the goods to arrive by oneself outside the condition haven pick up the goods.

The door arrives the door: The passenger wants Xiang Zhongyuan company (carrier) proffer tastes carry the detailed English address toward destination. Far company is in charge of be in pick up the goods to appoint the whole journey of delivery place to carry to destination from the consignor in.

2. inquiry, affirm quote (with in far company is contacted)

Because marine freight drifts somewhat in different period, because this need passenger is in at least 10 days before article shipment with in far company is contacted in order to determine final cost.

The door points to a price to harbor normally to the quote of harbor.

The door involves the transport costs outside the condition to the quote of the door, need to be inquired to foreign representative by carrier, the passenger needs to be booked more for long ahead of schedule.

The demand choose that the passenger still needs him basis decides proper sailing date (shipping travel and train, plane is same, have fixed course pattern, express according to the sailing date that makes beforehand (schedule) move) .

3. tally (purchase goods) , pack

Because marine carriage means has,do not suffer the character such as article weight limitation, can satisfy many, big, the carriage of a large amount of article, wait like book, kitchenware, electric home appliances
Company of acceptance of consignment can declare article by passenger place the 9.8‰ of real value (carry is 11‰ toward African area) do sth for sb safe.

4. is dealt with entrust formalities

Conduction management entrusts formalities to need to offer: Original passport, visa of period of efficacy; Immigrant still must offer emigrant location photocopy two. Company of acceptance of consignment must hold passenger passport and visa original to deal with close, time is probably 3 to 5 weekday, after doing, remand original.

When conduction formalities, the passenger needs to fill in “ representative declares at customs goods of a power of attorney is consigned piece (into) ” of detailed list of article of buccal a power of attorney, a power of attorney all downloads from Www.cos-sr.com.
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