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Boat Xinjiang branch is rolled out south " student baggage is convenient row " s
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Recently, the baggage that new student parent mirrors new student enter a school to need to carry for many times is very much, but aviation freight rate too tall, to solve this one problem, boat Xinjiang branch rolled out “ student baggage south convenient travel ” serves.

As we have learned, the “ student baggage that this branch of Na Hang Xinjiang rolls out is convenient travel ” basically is aimed at the shipment of student of school of old technical secondary school in attend school of domestic other city article of category of clothings, book, ceremony. Student by student's identification card (new student enter a school but by admission notice) can enjoy Urumqi of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang only then the favourable freight rate that delivers nonstop line, reach afore-mentioned article shipment the school the city of seat. Favourable freight rate is 3 yuan / kilogram. If the thing is too much, no-go extraction, the freight representative that Na Hang separates Xinjiang branch returns the service that can provide deliver goods come additionally, remove the trouble back at home of student and parent.