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Panama chartering market glides the trend is clear
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From will look last weekend, panama chartering market has gliding tendency. 4 average period hire course hire to drop from 50706 beautiful circles 49141 beauty are round.

Pacific Ocean goes back and forth between course hire to drop from 50000 beautiful circles to 48000 beautiful circles, return trip freight is 41000 beautiful circles about, and the report is 45000 beautiful circles last week, dropped 4000 beauty are round.

Continuance of Pacific Ocean course going there and back is original strong, hire is 53000/54000 beautiful circle; Hire of far east course is controlled for 55000 beautiful circles, but have the tendency that drops gradually.

Short-term chartering, 4-6 month, pacific Ocean market is 48000 beautiful circles, atlantic market is 54000 beautiful circles. Long-term chartering market is affected as a result of what be dropped suddenly, the market is very stagnant