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Use grows outside advocate business Wu glides compared to the same period more
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Yesterday, use grows outside (600270) the in 2007 newspaper that publish shows, although net profit grows 9.92 % compared to the same period, but multinomial first half of the year this year advocate business Wu income and profit all glide compared to the same period; Especially advocate one of business Wu domestic express delivery and freight business, face the concussion of business of domestic and international express, use develops level outside bear: The brand advantage that fails to form oneself and business mode are main reason. Nevertheless, use grows outside share price expression rose however yesterday 4.48 % .

Use development expresses outside, mode of business of international freight representative lacks innovation, of the respect such as movement of market of products plan, network not perfect brought about a company to compete to be able to rely on price war only. Have job wife freight acting person thinks, the influence that tycoon of foreign capital express carries to China and foreign countries after " of " solo flight in succession is being shown in succession. Another advocate the situation of express delivery of business Wu home and freight business side is very grim also.