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915 during industry of Chinese spin machinery is added fast be in about 10%
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Current, global spin already entered new growth period, spin commerce is added fast in 6.5% the left and right sides. 2006~2010 year, world economy is added fast will maintain in 4.3% the left and right sides, chinese textile industry is spent to the depend on sb or sth for existence of the international market for 49% the left and right sides, the goes strong to will be helpful for industry of Chinese spin machinery development of international economy. Chinese GDP growth was achieved 2006 10.5% , predict GDP grew 2007 will slow down, but will still be in 8% right-and-left levels, of GDP of a few years of China after 915 " of predicting " add fast will be between 7.5%~9% . The abidance of domestic economy grows, be sure to produce strong market demand to pull to spin machine market move.

Current, the market size of Chinese spin machinery is controlled in 8 billion dollar about, 30% what hold world market size. Of the development from China and Asian region textile industry and each policy come on stage in light of, home, international market spins the demand of machine product to increase steadily to China, and policy gives aid to strength is increased, because this home spins machine industry,whole will keep changeless to good trend.

The country is a few more occurrent to the industrial policy of textile change, if export the much that return duty to be assumed by the country (assume 75% ) , in order to reduce the burden of local government; Issue encourage and restrict an entrance to spin aircraft equipment to import catalog; "The country knits the supportive strength of mechanical industry to will be increased somewhat to spinning during 915 " , the healthy progress that is helpful for an industry and investment just restore confidence. In the meantime, world industry structural adjustment, manufacturing industry east after moving historical good luck and China join WTO more open international environment, spin machine industry to participated in international competition to create very advantageous condition for China. In addition, form a complete set of downstream industry catenary is whole on Chinese textile, labour force is low-cost, have definite integrated advantage.

Will forecast according to the influence of the development 2006 and relevant henceforth element, 2006~2010 year the sale of spin machinery product will still continue to maintain growth. The demand that a few years China will spin loom tool equipment henceforth is met as spin dimensions expand and grow somewhat, but grow every year in that way before won't resembling a few years with the extent of 20%~30% , because growth range spins loom tool equipment of total cardinal number sum plenary meeting somewhat slow down, predict to be in 10% the left and right sides.

From the point of technical development trend: ?010 year, in the main technology equipment that manufacturing industry of Chinese spin machinery supplies for domestic spin enterprise, will 1/3 above reachs advanced level of world of the corresponding period. Among them, 50% above will obtain chemical fibber, cotton spinning and facility of blame weaving cloth world advanced level, result from the product of own development will occupy 50% above.
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