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915 during industry of Chinese spin machinery is added fast be in about 10%
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Predict 2010, suffer what spin machinery upgrades to drive, production value of new product of industry of Chinese spin machinery is led will by 2005 25% rise 50% 2010; The exit forehead that spins loom instrument product will occupy the 30% above of production value of the corresponding period; Numerical control of entire industry of equipment of spin machinery industry changes rate general to achieve 10% above, among them skeleton key enterprise will achieve 15%~20% ; New-style and the crucial part that basically spins loom instrument product, special foundation index of finish machining process capability will achieve 1~1.25.

The stability that spins loom tool industry grows and upgrade ceaselessly, inevitable meeting is pulled move PLC, HMI, transducer and athletic control to wait for automation product to be in of this industry market grow steadily

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