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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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Business other people flows on certain level to be able to reduce content to spread cost (fall in 20% the left and right sides) , but it basically is support strengthens enterprise interior to manage, especially raw material, component purchases the management of link to obtain, the effect is very accordingly finite, not can from go up at all the problem that solves content to shed charge house not to fall high. Investigate its reason, it is with respect to business of a certain industry character, of the afflux of its raw material, component and manufactured goods pour out of mostly asymmetry, the manufactured goods of the producing area of the raw material that purchases namely, component and work off sells the land not photograph be identical, freight flow measures disequilibrium, the manufacturing efficiency that brings about business other people to flow is lower; 2 because ability of industrial business freight is limited,be, freight network is not perfect, although can pass employ society transport power to make up for the inadequacy of freight ability, but its carry an organization inattentive, join not seasonable, cause exercise cycle to lengthen; 3 it is to pack, the link such as treatment still is assumed by industrial and commercial him enterprise, go against what the technology of carriage organization innovates and pack cost to reduce, affect carriage efficiency rise; The 4 storage that are manufactured goods and assemble and unassemble still existing serious repetition works, business other people sheds the sale that cannot be manufactured goods to provide reliable safeguard. The need that although many industrial businesses are adopted,builds the transfer storage facility, means that deposits manufactured goods put in storage beforehand to be sold in order to satisfy the market by storeroom of hire of regular sale area, apparently the manufactured goods stock that treats manufacturing base decreased, just transfer actually just, aeriform in the content that still can increase industrial and commercial business spreads cost.
4. Conspicuous is, offer etc of representative of haven operation, freight, boat Wu representative, canalage and highway transportation, storage content sheds what appreciation serves to specialization area of content shedding garden and enterprise in succession emerge in large numbers, this locality content sheds an enterprise to develop flourishingly.
This locality content sorts the development of the enterprise, want base oneself upon to come into stock formerly at be opposite above all carry representative, boat Wu representative, store of motion company transform, made promotion specializations to can be economic society progress to offer the modern other people that content shedding serves sheds a business; Next, this kind is transformed should with store the structural adjustment photograph of motion company is united in wedlock, avoid by all means does not divide size, be fooled and go up; The 3 main flow direction that should guide an enterprise to flow according to content of local pass in and out, in discharge larger a few areas are established child (cent) company, build perfect freight network and information network, enlarge what content shedding works to cover a range ceaselessly, raise content to spread service level, in order to get used to the need that local economy society and modern other people sort development. Current, content of developing zone this locality flows to existing generally small, much, medicinal powder, weak phenomenon, specialization rate is low, social content spreads integral benefit poorer.
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