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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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Current, danish Ma Shiji, japanese Yi cane faithful, water chestnut light, live friendly, korea Han enters marine, crate success lion, israel with astral shipping, american uncle spirit pauses (China) famous other people of the 500 strong companies of world of close a hunderd schools such as freight limited company and abroad sheds a company to grab beach Qingdao on the west the coast, shed garden area, ocean into content of international of the bay before be stationed in big inferior the professional other people such as area of content shedding garden sheds garden division, positive typical case reached since the development that modern to promoting Qingdao development other people sorts, set an example and drive action. But exotic sheds an enterprise to just establish subsidiary or regional branch commonly, its operation and offerred thing shed a service to have certain limitation. More important is, this kind child (cent) the company is his the parent company sheds management network to perfect global content and establish, often set out from this enterprise oneself economic benefits, contract to do a job for the parent company return content flows business, farther raise content to shed exercise efficiency to be put in the first place, the substance of connection unlike this locality that develops because of this and society of developing zone economy sheds a business close together in that way, cannot suit well consequently and satisfy local economy society to expand the demand that spreads to content.
2. In far, China is marine, medium iron, medium store, carry of China and foreign countries, medium the domestic large other people such as collect sheds an enterprise to establish child (cent) company, also grab beach Qingdao developing zone in succession, drive developing zone development to become join southeast coastal, the content of radiation Hua Dong, China north, northwest, the Huanghe valley sheds cent to move center and storage center, drove developing zone content to sort the rapid development of course of study.
Domestic large other people sheds an enterprise to establish child (cent) the company specializations degree and exercise efficiency are opposite taller, business economic benefits is better. But as a result of piece break up and the branch is broken up, lack unites a program, repeat construction the phenomenon is serious, lag of growth of together with market, form effective society to serve a network hard. To realize the unity of macroscopical economic benefits and microcosmic economic benefits, make content sorts Qingdao development systematic whole rationalize, need breaks trade dividing line and branch to break up, take socialization, specializationed way, a when become dispersive integrated thing that a minor production kind that does content shedding changes for intensive sorts producer type.
3. Thalassic Er, sea believes the development, bay the big company such as wind of Ke Ma, country all built respective content to flow to deserve to send a system and extend business to course of study of person of the same trade or relevant industry, the development that business other people sorts appears piece exuberant opportunity of survival, make the one large window that content shedding expands Qingdao development.
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