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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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(2) the foundation that content shedding standardization is content shedding development. Content sheds standardization to regard an old system as content shedding, the technical standard that establishs systematic interior content to shed the respect such as establishment, mechanical equipment, special tool, pack, storage, assemble and unassemble, carry wait for standard of of all kinds exercise and the thing that sort outstanding feature as modern other people to shed Information Criterion, form the system of standardization that conforms with international. Extroversion of society of economy of Qingdao developing zone is spent tall, international trade and international content flow develop, accordingly, executive standardization content shedding has real sense more.
(6) development international content flows, seek global market space.
The content of Qingdao developing zone sheds an enterprise to want to enhance competition and hardship consciousness, in grip home market while, even scan widely world, build globalization strategy, flow to manage and supply chain management to undertake in the whole world resource is purchased with the content of unifinication, production is assembled and manufactured goods cent is sold, participate in international market competition. Inside global limits, pass the quick response to the client, raise a client to serve a level, reduce content to spread totle drilling cost, enhance the competition ability that developing zone content sheds an enterprise to go up in the international market, in the remain invincible in globalization competition.
4, conclusion
Current, content sorts Qingdao development the main problem that the enterprise exists is growth of content shedding market immature place causes. Accordingly, developing zone government should shed resource conformity, construction in stimulative content public content sheds the respect such as information platform to produce main effect. Traditional content sheds an enterprise to want development to become modern other people to shed a business, must reduce cost hard, improve service quality, below the circumstance that gains competitive advantage only ability gets larger market share, just the opportunity sheds the market to develop middleman and guarantor to take position in prospective content, become modern other people to shed the principal part of the market truly.

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