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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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5. Qingdao development put forth effort introduces social capital to establish tripartite content to shed a business, encourage and advocate development to be able to be offerred for the society all-around the tripartite content that content shedding serves flows, the content that specializations namely sheds a business.
Industrial and commercial enterprise wants to reduce content to spread cost substantially, enhance company competition ability, manacle with respect to what must break through big and small and complete, whole idea thoroughly, jump out as early as possible the odd group that business other people sheds, according to the principle that major of market economy socialization divides the work, the exercise activity that will attribute content to sort link entrusts technical other people to shed a business entirely, break away from in the business that makes the enterprise is familiar with not quite from oneself come out, absorption pursue new product development and market development, such ability are only cogent reduce content to spread cost, get better economic benefits thereby. The development that this asks content abortion course of study is in Qingdao developing zone to did not come should develop tripartite content flow energetically in the process.
2, content shedding company grows Qingdao development the main problem of existence
As glue east area of core of base of peninsula manufacturing industry builds spread out, the content of Qingdao developing zone spreads demand year after year rises, amplitude will amount to 20% ~ 30% , the development potential that shows developing zone content grades a property and development space are very large. Although the content of Qingdao developing zone shed an industry to have great progress, but as more apparent than returning existence as photograph of western developed country difference, a lot of problem still exists in the development process that grades a property in content, incorporate is in the following respects:
1. The operation of content shedding enterprise is small, the market is had rate is low, cause modern other people to shed a technology to get be developinged effectively hard in these enterprises.
Of all kinds content sorts Qingdao development company measure is much, scope is little, development level is uneven, capital, battalion carries ability a priori is not worth, hampered IT sheds the wide application of the domain in content, restricted the development of electronic business affairs, those who affected large and professional other people to shed a service is farther extend.
2. Investment channel not free, investment main body cannot diversity, company assets is bought, make over, integrated difficulty is heavy, development lacks capital support, especially by the tradition store the content that motion company transforms and comes sheds company development to suffer be restricted bigger.
Government of Qingdao developing zone should consider what market admittance reachs all sorts of right of administration to simplify examine and approve formalities; Reduce scot, avoid to repeat levy; Reduce land royalities to expend; Finance pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, reduce the cost of form a complete set in construction; Enact the policy measure that encourages joint-stock, cooperation, encourage allied cooperation, the content inside stimulative area sorts industry health, rapid development.
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