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Content shedding enterprise runs Qingdao development the current situation and c
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3. Different management department and bull of administrative administrative levels manage, cause infrastructure to repeat construction, area structure is not harmonious, form dimensions economic benefits hard.
Content shedding enterprise is in Qingdao developing zone current system fails to transform in time in transition process management idea, the development that causes a few content to shed a business still contains rich planned economy color, existing apparent piece break up a phenomenon, local protectionism is very severe, certain market business still relies on governmental administration interpose, content shedding runs efficiency low.
4. A few enterprise slants overweight goes after economic benefits, violate the market sincere letter principle, compete without foreword, credit of whole of content shedding industry is spent not tall, cause manufacturing industry and current business to wrap the full of worries when content sheds business outside entrust.
What other people of minority of Qingdao developing zone shed enterprise practise fraud, opportunistic behavior to mirror business standing is serious be short of break, also make must be what the modern other people of premise sheds management to carry out with cooperative credit become very difficult.
5. Content shedding cost is high, capital have enough to meet need is slow, carriage efficiency is low.
These our country content shed line of business developing common fault, there also is very apparent show in Qingdao developing zone, this also is content sheds an enterprise to reduce content to spread cost, raise the question that urgent need resolves service quality.
3, advance the countermeasure that content shedding company grows Qingdao development
The content of Qingdao developing zone sheds a business during shedding transition to modern other people, the key depends on resource conformity and business flow give somebody a new lease on life, form core competition advantage. In abroad large content sheds an enterprise to carry advanced administrative technology and capital dominant position to march in a large-scale the situation of content shedding market leaves Qingdao developing zone, developing zone government and numerous other people shed an enterprise to should accelerate research and the way to deal with a situation that discuss stimulative content to shed the market to develop.
(one) the government should spread effect of protagonist of the play in resource conformity process in stimulative content.
(1) should liberate a thought further, renew an idea, sufficient knowledge is current content shedding market expands Qingdao development immature reality, reasonable use the method that suits with appearance of market development stage and method, solve content to sort the problem that the market solves hard through market pattern; Make full use of the government is macroscopical adjusting control function, content sorts stimulative Qingdao development the market lasts, healthy, harmonious development.
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