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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(C) container ought to accord with the requirement that material and tectonic specification concern in engineering instruction.
(D) container ought to have a test according to the regulation of engineering instruction.
(E) pack liquid container to using Yu Cheng, ought to bear the pressure that states in engineering instruction and not leakage.
(F) inner packing ought to undertake fixed or fill up line, control its the shift inside outer container, damaged or leakage happen in order to prevent below normal aviation traffic condition. Mat line and adsorptive material must not produce critical reaction with contents.
(G) container ought to prove after the examination its did not suffer corrode or when other damage, just can use again. Use again when container when, the article that ought to take all necessary step to prevent to be loaded subsequently is polluted.
(H) be like the property as a result of previous contents, when without the empty container that cleans thoroughly the likelihood causes a harm, ought to close its rigor, the case that makes a harm by its tries to handle.
(I) package is exterior the dangerous material that does not get conglutinate to make harm amount.
The 276.77th label
Outside having a regulation additionally except engineering instruction, danger tastes package to ought to stick proper label, and accord with the regulation of engineering instruction.
The 276.79th labels
(A) outside having a regulation additionally except engineering instruction, each danger tastes package to ought to indicate the carriage of goods is special name. If have designation U.N. number, need to indicate the other and corresponding number that provides in this U.N. number and engineering instruction.
(B) outside having a regulation additionally except engineering instruction, the container that the each norms according to engineering instruction makes, ought to give according to the provision that concerns in engineering instruction indicate; Do not accord with the container that the specification that pack concerns in engineering instruction, must not label in what container norms indicates on its.
The written language that the 276.81st mark uses
When international is carried, divide only then outside the character of the requirement that deliver a state, the number that includes mount should be added with English.
The responsibility of F chapter consignor
Qualification of the 276.91st personnel asks
The consignor ought to ensure all conduction it is relevant and dangerous to consign formalities and the personnel that sign danger to taste aviation to carry a file to already pressed this regulation and engineering instruction requirement to accept taste knowledge to train.
The 276.93rd consigns a requirement
(A) before the package that tastes danger or synthetic package refer aviation to carry, ought to mix according to this regulation the regulation of engineering instruction, the danger that assuring this danger to taste is not aviation carriage embargo is tasted, undertake correctly classified, pack, increase number, stick label, refer fill the risk that make correctly to taste aviation to carry a file. Prohibit tasting the name of an article in order to be not danger to consign danger to taste.
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