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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(2) deployed appropriate finish training by training outline with sufficient personnel;
(3) tasted manual to build danger to taste aviation to carry plan of management and operating sequence, lash-up by danger;
(4) capable to press this regulation, engineering instruction and danger taste manual to carry out move.
(B) examine unqualified, bureau just be in before making disallowance decide, inform an applicant to be able to apply for hearing of witnesses inside 5 weekday; After making disallowance decide, written tell an applicant, show reason, inform its to undertake reconsidering the right with lawsuit.
The 276.49th deadline
Bureau after just accepting danger to taste aviation to carry application, ought to work in a few days to undertake examine and be makinged permissive a decision to the applicant's application material in 20. When need undertakes the expert is evaluated, evaluate time not plan the deadline that 20 weekday narrate before entering, bureau just should want place to evaluate time written tell an applicant.
The form of the 276.51st license and content
Bureau the form that just send moving standard through promulgating or approves letter gives danger to taste aviation to carry a license, the license should contain following content:
(A) the demand that explains this operation person should press this regulation and engineering instruction, carry out inside the moving limits of bureau square approval move;
(B) the risk that approval carries tastes a category;
(C) approval carries out the airport that run;
(D) permissive period of efficacy and limitative condition;
(E) bureau the other item that just thinks to need.
The period of efficacy of the 276.53rd license
Danger tastes aviation to carry a license period of efficacy is the longest do not exceed two years. Give those who show one of following case, danger tastes aviation to carry permissive be no longer in force:
(A) written statement abandons operation person;
(B) bureau square cancel is permitted or this danger tastes break down the effectiveness that aviation carries a license;
(C) the moving certificate of approval of operation person is buckled by of short duration, revoke or because of other reason invalidation;
(D) person of airborne to foreign boat battalion, its are in the risk that the country issues to taste aviation to carry permissive be no longer in force.
The change of the 276.55th license and continuance
(A) danger tastes aviation carry to be defeated to be asked by permissive person change allows item, ought to offer application to management board of civil aviaton district; Accord with what set a requirement originally, bureau just ought to deal with modificatory formalities lawfully.
(B) danger tastes aviation to carry what be continued to permit period of efficacy by permissive person need, ought to expire effectively in the license application offers to management board of civil aviaton district before 30 weekday; Bureau before just answering to expire effectively in the license, make whether the decision that allow continues; Exceed the time limit did not make a decision, regard allow as continuance.
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