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Department of Commerce, country is versed in commercial firm politics runs total
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About international freightage acting enterprise is registered and manage the announcement of concerned problem

Trade is sent [2005]32 date

Business affairs of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind is in charge of branch, labour management board of commercial firm politics, bureau of Shenzhen city traffic:

" the decision that the State Council cancels about the 3rd batch and adjusts administration to examine and approve a project " (the country is sent [2004]16 date) cancelled enterprise of international freight representative to manage a qualification to examine and approve, good to do cancel to manage a qualification to examine and approve a purpose to fulfil the job, cogent strengthen sequel is supervised and manage, the health that guarantees job of representative of freight of our country international develops in order, notice concerned issue as follows now:

One, after cancelling international freightage representative to manage a qualification to examine and approve, the enterprise applies for to pursue business of international freightage representative, business affairs is in charge of a branch to undertake to its the qualification is examined and approve no longer, the applicant can be versed in to seat administration department conducts business directly registration book, must not pursue relevant business without registration book.

2, department of industrial and commercial administration is when registration book, should carry out strictly " course of study of representative of freightage of international of People's Republic of China administers a regulation " (approval of classics the State Council, former outside via trade department the 5th ministry made release 1995, the following abbreviation " set " ) the regulation that about managing freight of maritime, aviation, overland international the 8th times acting business lowest registers capital limitation. Be major servicing in order to be engaged in international freight representative, similar printed or written words of ” of representative of “ international freight ought to be reflected in company name; The in principle of scope of operations of the enterprise presses check and ratify of ” of business of representative of “XX international freight, those who need specific check and ratify, according to " set " the relevant business check and ratify of the seventeenth regulation, among them the regulation according to concerned law, administrative regulations, need to be examined and approve via concerning director office, still ought to refer concerned director office to approve a document. Examine and approve in management qualification after cancelling, already the enterprise of registration book does not accord with afore-mentioned requirements, ought to give by afore-mentioned requirements standard.

3, the way that commerce director branch should explore industries of pair of international freight representative actively to manage and method, cogent the standard that fortifies an industry and management. In industry government, want to support guild work actively, produce guild effect adequately, strengthen an industry to control oneself, the management behavior of normative member, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the member.
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