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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(1) the training outline that country of operation person place approves; Or
(2) the training outline of bureau square approval.
(C) the personnel that trains qualification by the training outline of bureau square approval, can act as agent for different operation person (A) the job of same category personnel in the paragraph, but operation person should ensure its accord with the following condition:
(1) inside coequal duty limits, its train the job that horizontal enough competency assigns;
(2) abide by operation person danger to taste manual requirement.
The 276.161st trains outline and its castigatory approval
(When initiative approval mixes outline of A) application training and its castigatory to be approved finally, operation person or relevant orgnaization ought to to bureau just refer by this regulation the 276.157th formulate or castigatory train outline, provide the concerned data of bureau square requirement.
(The training outline that B) asks to according with this chapter or its edit, face form gives out bureau Fang Yishu initiative approval, operation person or relevant orgnaization can this outline undertakes according to training. The bureau in training just trains the training effect of outline to make to this evaluate, point out ought to give corrective flaw.
(C) operation person or relevant orgnaization train according to what the training outline place of initiative approval undertakes, can make personnel of every recieve training obtains sufficient training, finish what its assign the task, bureau just can issue this to train outline or its castigatory to be approved finally for its.
(D) authorities just thinks, to make had obtained the training that approves finally outline continues to maintain good training effect, ought to make to its certain when editing, criterion operation person or relevant orgnaization are in receive bureau after square announcement, ought to undertake corresponding modification to outline. Operation person or relevant orgnaization are in receive this kind of announcement hind 30 days in, but to bureau the request that just puts forward to reconsider. Did not make a decision in the request to reconsidering during, this announcement suspends become effective.
The 276.163rd trains a record
Answer to save training record 3 years by the personnel that this regulation asks to undertake training, offer at any time bureau just consult.
J Zhang Baoan asks
The 276.175th ensures public security
The member that danger tastes support of the people of consignor, operation to involve danger to taste the someone else that aviation carries should abide by the security personnel that the country tastes to danger to set, adopt proper measure to prevent danger to taste by pilfer or shocking use and make personnel or belongings are endangered.
Responsibility of law of N art of composition
The 276.301st bureau square staff member
Bureau the concerned regulation that square staff member violates administration to permit a law to allow item about dealing with, taste aviation to carry a license to according with the applicant of rated condition to issue risk, perhaps do not grant to issue danger to taste aviation to carry a license to according with the applicant of rated condition, by its censorial perhaps mechanism instructs ranking executive authority correct, to the director that is in charge of directly personnel and personnel of other and direct responsibility give disciplinary sanction lawfully.
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