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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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U.N. number: U.N. danger tastes carriage committee of experts to be used at identifying the 4 digit word that a kind of material or a group of specific material place specify to code.
The ground operates agent: Show delegate operation person is received, operation, assemble and unassemble, have a change of luck or the person that participate in goods, passenger or baggage operation service with other way.
Match the member that carry: Be tasted with respect to danger and character, it is to point to a kind what operation person place appoints is responsible and the following or the personnel of a variety of duty:
(A) demonstrate danger is tasted ought to hold the position on aerostat;
(B) demonstrate danger is tasted taste with other risk, other goods or the necessary interval that the passenger gets on in aerostat;
(C) the information that preparation uses for pilot;
(D) offer danger to taste lash-up reaction information for pilot.

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