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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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The 276.147th danger tastes the information of accident or incident
(A) operation person answers to bureau just be in a country to report any danger savor accident or event with accident or incident happening ground.
(b ) initiative report can undertake with all sorts of means, but a written report should be completed as soon as possible below all circumstances.
(C) if applicable, written report ought to include following content:
(1) accident or incident happening date;
(2) date of the spot that accident or incident produce, airliner and flight date;
(3) the description of concerned goods and freight sheet, postbag, label and airline ticket the number that wait;
(4) foregone carriage is special name (include technical name) with U.N. number;
(5) category or fasten and less important and dangerous sex;
(6) the type that pack and the norms number that package;
(7) involve an amount;
(8) the full name of consignor or passenger and address;
(9) the other and detailed circumstance of accident or incident;
(10) the doubtful reason of accident or incident;
(11) adopted step;
(12) the other report circumstance before written report;
(13) the full name of speaker, post, address and connection phone.
(D) the carbon of relevant file and photograph should be added on written report.
I chapter trains
The 276.155th asks commonly
(A) no matter operation person whether the risk that hold issues by this regulation tastes aviation to carry permissive file, the personnel of relevant category in should assuring the 276.159th trains qualification. Operation person ought to:
(1) the training outline that formulate accords with engineering instruction to ask, undertake training by training outline; Should train outline:
(I) to domestic operation person, should accord with this regulation to ask and be obtained the 276.157th bureau square initiative approval and final approval;
(Ii) to foreign operation person, should obtain bureau approbate just.
(2) ask according to training outline, provide the data such as the teaching material that executive training wants and exam problem, make its keep active and effective.
(3) provide appropriate enough teacher, in order to carry out the training of a requirement.
(B) the consignor that danger tastes, the requirement that the agent that includes the personnel that pack and consignor should ensure its personnel presses engineering instruction trains qualification.
(C) the training outline that following orgnaization should ensure its personnel just approves by classics bureau trains qualification:
(1) undertake reception to goods on behalf of operation person, operation, lade, uninstall, carry or the acting orgnaization of other operation;
(2) place where troops are stationed is in the airport, be engaged in the acting orgnaization that the passenger works on behalf of operation person;
(3) place where troops are stationed is not in the airport, on behalf of operation person conduction passenger seizes the opportunity the acting orgnaization of formalities;
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