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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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D chapter danger tastes the requirement of manual
The 276.57th asks commonly
(A) operation person answers formulate danger tastes manual, obtain bureau approbate just;
(B) the other manual that danger tastes manual to be able to enroll operation person runs manual or operation person operation and carrying trade Wu;
(C) operation person ought to be built and use edit appropriately system, what taste manual in order to keep dangerous is newest and effective;
(D) operation person ought to go to the lavatory in yard place consult place, the danger that tastes aviation to carry concerned personnel to offer the character that its are familiar with to be written for danger tastes manual.
The content of the 276.59th manual
Danger tastes manual to should include following content at least:
(A) the total policy that operation person danger tastes aviation to carry;
(B) the orgnaization that tastes aviation carry to be defeated to manage and be supervised about danger and duty;
(C) the technical requirement that danger tastes aviation to carry and its operating sequence;
(D) the restriction that passenger and unit staff carry danger to taste;
(E) the report program that danger savors event;
(F) the precaution that the implicit danger in consigning goods and passenger baggage tastes;
(G) the administrative program of material of person of carriage operation of aerostat of operation person use oneself;
(H) the training of personnel;
(I) the message that notices pilot;
(J) lash-up program;
(K) the data of other concerned security or specification.
The 276.61st is carried out
Operation person should take all and necessary step, when ensuring operation person and its agent employee are fulfilling relevant obligation, the related to its duty content in understanding danger adequately to taste manual, the operation that ensures danger is tasted and the program that carry the provision in tasting manual according to its danger and guideline are carried out.
The 276.63rd bureau just informs
Bureau the relevant content that just can ask through written announcement operation person tastes manual to danger, distribute or edit make adjust.
The carriage preparation that E chapter danger tastes
The 276.73rd asks commonly
The risk that aviation carries is tasted should undertake classify and be packinged according to the regulation of engineering instruction, refer fill the risk that make correctly to taste aviation to carry a file.
The 276.75th container
(A) the risk that aviation carries is tasted ought to use high grade container, this container ought to construct close, can prevent to issue the change as a result of temperature, humidity or pressure in normal traffic condition, or pose seepage as a result of vibration.
(B) container ought to as appropriate as contents photograph, the container that tastes a contact with danger directly cannot taste reaction of hair unripe chemistry or other response with this danger.
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