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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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Unit member: Appoint by operation person be on duty in the flight period the personnel that service executes on immanent aerostat.
Member of flight flight crew: Be on duty in the flight period inside move to aerostat have necessary responsibility and the unit member of hold charter.
Danger tastes an accident: With danger the sky that taste boat carries concerned couplet, cause harm of deadly or serious person or belongings losing accident.
Danger savors event: Taste an accident unlike danger, but with danger the sky that taste boat carries concerned couplet, do not happen on aerostat certainly, but the member that cause a person gets hurt, belongings loss, on fire, damaged, spill over, liquid or radioactivity material leakage or pack the other condition that fails to keep in good condition. Any event that savor aviation carry to be defeated to concern and endanger the personnel on aerostat or machine badly with danger also regard danger as to savor event.
Exceptional: Stipulate specific to the some that danger tastes project avoids the regulation that normally to its place asks applicably originally.
Exempt: Civil aviaton total bureau gives avoid the license that gets this formulary tie.
Antipathic: To if mix its,will be being brought about uncannily releases quantity of heat or gas or the risk that produce caustic material taste the description of property.
Operation character is simple (COMAT) : The material that operation person is had or uses.
Package: Package the complete product of course of study, include to pack and prepare carriage contents.
Synthetic package (Overpack) : Lade to facilitate exercise is mixed, one consignor puts one or more package an operation unit is formed in a closure, this definition does not include collect to install implement.
Collect installs implement (Unit Load Device) : Outfit board or the aerostat part that take net and canopy hold the container of the cargo container of any types, aerostat, aerostat part that takes a network board.
Container: Have the container that contains effect and any other parts or material. To radioactivity material, see engineering instruction the 2nd part 7.2 paragraphs.
Weigh: The person is injured in the accident and:
(A) since the day that gets hurt oneself be in hospital needs 48 hours inside 7 days above; Or
(B) cause any fracture (the simple fracture except of finger, toe or nose ministry) ; Or
(C) crack an injury to cause serious haemorrhage, nerve, muscle or tendinous injury; Or
(D) involve splanchnic organ to injure; Or
(E) 2 spend or tierce burn or area of influence whole body the burn of 5% above; Or
(F) ever was exposed via checking at affecting sexual material or harmful radiate.
Only then hair country: Goods is in at first this country the country of aerostat of the mount inside territory.
Operation person country: Operation person is in this state-owned and main business room, or, if do not have this business place, have the state of permanent living ground.
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