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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(D) the package that tastes of danger, synthesis package and the special packing box of radioactivity material are installed in debus aerostat or collect implement when, ought to check the sign that whether has damaged or leak. If discover the evidence of damaged or leak, ought to install to aerostat or collect implement lade the examination that the position that danger savors undertakes damaged or pollutes.
Of the 276.115th cabin or cockpit lade limitation
Besides the condition that except engineering instruction the regulation allows, danger is tasted must not lade inside cockpit or the aerostat cabin that the passenger is taken.
The 276.117th cleared pollution
(A) because danger is tasted,should discover on aerostat when leak or damaged cause any harmful pollution, ought to undertake keeping clear of instantly.
(B) the aerostat that is polluted by radioactivity material ought to instantly disuse, be in any before can contacting apparently radiation level and blame to originallying to pollute the numerical value that did not accord with engineering instruction regulation, do not get reuse.
The 276.119th departs and keep apart
(A) the package that of property antipathic danger tastes, photogenic adjacent is placed or what can produce effect each other when producing leak must not be install in aerostat locally.
(B) poisons substanes and the package that influence sexual matter should lade according to the regulation of engineering instruction go up in aerostat.
(C) lade of the package of radioactivity material go up in aerostat when, should mix thing of its and personnel, activity according to the regulation of engineering instruction the film space that did not rinse leaves.
What the 276.121st danger tastes goods to lade is fixed
When the danger that should accord with this regulation tastes mount aerostat, operation person ought to protect danger to taste do not be damaged bad, ought to try these article to lest be in what any shift appear in the flight and change package to appoint direction,be secured on aerostat. To the package of radioactivity material, ought to secure adequately accord with the 276.119th in order to assure in any moment (C) the removed requirement that the paragraph sets.
The 276.123rd is restricted only cargo aircraft danger tastes lade
Outside having a regulation additionally except engineering instruction, mark has “ to be restricted only the danger of label of cargo aircraft ” tastes package, its lade in ought to making unit staff or other authorized personnel are flying, can see and undertake handling to its, and be below the condition that bulk and weight allow part it and other goods.
The 276.125th stores
The memory that operation person should ensure danger controlling use tastes accords with following requirement:
(A) the requirement that state law, code tastes memory to relevant danger;
(B) the requirement that memory, depart and segregation taste about danger in engineering instruction.
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