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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(C) bureau just carries out supervisory examination, must not hamper activity be managemented by the production with examination normal unit, must not be asked for or receive by permissive person property, do not get try to gain other benefit.
The 276.13rd supervises an examination
(A) the unit that is engaged in aviation carrying an activity and individual ought to be accepted bureau the supervisory examination that just tastes aviation to carry a respect about danger, in order to decide whether its accord with the requirement of this regulation.
(B) bureau Fang Kegen is occupied this (A) the result that the paragraph checks or any other evidence, decide whether this unit and individual are comfortable carry an activity at continueing to be engaged in relevant aviation; To violating the act of this regulation, by this regulation N chapter asks to investigate its law duty.
B chapter danger tastes the restriction that aviation carries
The 276.23rd general principle
Outside eliminating the standard that accords with this regulation and engineering instruction regulation and program, prohibit danger tastes aviation to carry.
The 276.25th limitation is carried
Outside giving except civil aviaton total bureau exempt perhaps stipulates according to engineering instruction laying out the ground plan of a fortified work sends a country to approve the condition that allows to carry, following danger tastes prohibit mount aerostat:
(A) the article that the regulation in engineering instruction prohibits be being carried below normal circumstance and material;
(B) the live body animal that is affected.
The 276.27th prohibits carrying
The for love or money that provides in engineering instruction prohibits the article that aviation carries and material, any aerostat all do not get carry.
The 276.29th exempt
Those who have one of following state, civil aviaton total bureau can give exempt the 276.25th times in the light of this regulation:
(A) the condition is particularly critical;
(B) unwell at using other carriage way;
(C) public interest need.
The 276.31st aerogram
(A) in dividing engineering instruction outside having a regulation additionally, must not mail through aerogram danger is tasted or in the carry secretly inside aerogram danger is tasted.
(B) must not taste danger conceal signs up for or give false information mails as aerogram for common article.
C chapter danger tastes the application that aviation carries and license
The 276.41st applies for
(A) the format that danger tastes the applicant that aviation carries to ought to press a regulation and method refer requisition, all content that applicant of bureau square requirement refers ought to be contained in requisition.
(B) management board of civil aviaton district is in charge of providing advisory information for the applicant, carry the pertinent question that should satisfy a requirement what answer applicant puts forward about undertaking danger tastes aviation, offer code, regulations and other and corresponding normative sex file and the standard form that file a document for the applicant.
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