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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(B) consign state law, code to restrict carriage risk to taste, ought to offer the valid proof that is in charge of a branch accordingly.
The 276.95th danger tastes aviation to carry a file
(A) outside having a regulation additionally except engineering instruction, every tastes danger the person that refers aviation to carry to ought to offer the danger that fill in correctly and signs to taste aviation to carry a file to operation person, the beard in the file includes the content that engineering instruction place asks.
(B) the signature that there ought to be danger to taste a consignor in carriage file states, state those who hand in the danger of carry to taste goods well and truly to carry special tag, making clear danger to taste is the regulation according to engineering instruction undertakes classified, pack, add label and stick label, accord with the condition that aviation carries.
The 276.97th use written language
When international is carried, divide only then outside the character of the requirement that deliver a state, danger tastes aviation to carry a file to should be added with English.
The responsibility of person of G order operation
The 276.107th goods controls use
(A) operation person ought to formulate examination measure prevents general goods in implicit and dangerous article.
(B) operation person receives danger to taste undertake aviation carries ought to accord with following requirement:
(1) outside having a demand additionally except engineering instruction, with complete danger the sky that taste boat carries a file;
(2) the special packing box that according to the reception of engineering instruction the program tastes to package, synthesis package or full-dress danger has undertaken checking;
(3) affirm danger tastes aviation to carry a file to sign by the consignor, and sign the person already asked to train qualification by what set originally.
The 276.109th examination controlling use is odd
Operation person answers formulate and the provision that use sheet of examination controlling use to abide by the 276.107th in order to assist.
The 276.111st lades
The package that tastes of danger and synthetic package and the special packing box of radioactivity material ought to lade according to the regulation of engineering instruction.
The 276.113rd examines attaint or leak
(A) the package that tastes of danger, synthesis package and the special packing box of radioactivity material are in mount aerostat or load collect to install implement before, ought to check the sign that whether has leak and damaged. The package of leak or damaged, synthesis package or special packing box do not get mount aerostat.
(B) collect is installed implement Shanghai Airline air must not be held before do not have leak without check and be being tasted via confirming to risk is held inside its or having damaged evidence implement.
(C) any package that the danger of mount aerostat tastes are like occurrence damaged or leak, operation person should get on this package from aerostat debus, or arrange by authority concerned or orgnaization debus. The others in order that ought to assure to should make carry goods after this accords with aviation to carry, make sure other package did not get pollution.
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