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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(4) the orgnaization that goods operation participates in beyond operation person;
(5) the orgnaization that airport authorities undertakes safety is checked to goods, mail, passenger and its baggage.
(D) update to assure knowledge, answer to finish answer model inside 24 calendar month; Before that day calendar month that has training in the requirement or later the personnel that calendar the middle of a month completed answer train, was regarded as that calendar the middle of a month that asks in place to finish training.
(E) every teacher that is in charge of each paragraphs of training or director staff, after finishing these training, ought to be opposite the qualification that be made by the intellectual level of training personnel proves. This kind of eligible proof ought to regard this personnel as the one share that training records.
The 276.157th formulate that trains outline asks
(A) training outline should need to come according to the duty of of all kinds personnel formulate, and accord with the requirement of engineering instruction.
(B) outline of every kinds of training should include initiative training and fixed answer example two categories, include curricular setting and exam requirement among them. The relevant requirement that Xiaoshi of the content that a training ought to state in each course setting, plan is counted and takes an exam.
(C) outline of every kinds of training still ought to include following content:
(1) the after entering condition and training, ought to achieve quality requirement of recieve training personnel;
(2) the detailed list that trains those who use orgnaization, establishment, equipment;
(3) the qualificatory requirement of uses teacher;
(4) if applicable, operation person danger tastes the use requirement of manual;
(5) the legal laws and regulations related the country asks.
Person of the 276.159th operation and its procuratorial training ask
(A) divide this (B) outside the regulation of the paragraph, the danger that following and of all kinds personnel just did not approve by classics bureau tastes training to outline undertakes training or train unqualified, operation person must not arrange his to pursue relevant job, this personnel also must not accept the relevant job that operation person arranges:
(1) operation person and its procuratorial danger taste personnel controlling use;
(2) operation person and its agent are engaged in goods and baggage floor operation, memory and laded personnel;
(3) passenger work staff and the personnel that are in charge of pair of goods, mail, passenger and its baggage having safe examination;
(4) flight flight crew and the member that deserve to carry;
(5) the other unit member beyond flight flight crew;
(6) operation person and its agent are divided (1) the goods beyond stops carry staff.
(B) afore-mentioned personnel that foreign operation person should ensure its are engaged in aviation carrying an activity in churchyard of People's Republic of China train qualification by following requirement:
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