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Haven danger goods administers a regulation
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The the Ministry of Communication made with the the Ministry of Communication on August 7, 2003 the 9th is released 2003

To strengthen haven dangerous goods manages the first, ensure safety of people life, belongings, basis " law of haven of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation " haven law " ) , " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation " safe production law " ) , " regulation of dangerous chemical safety " wait for concerned law, administrative regulations, make this provision.
The 2nd assembles and unassemble in haven, over- refute, store, it is dangerous to pack dangerous goods to perhaps be opposite cargo container undertakes installing tearing open box to wait for an exercise (” of exercise of haven of goods of danger of “ of the following abbreviation) applicable this regulation.
The construction of the haven installation that is used at exercise of dangerous goods haven and operation ought to accord with the concerned requirement of this regulation.
What this the 3rd regulation calls “ danger goods ” , it is to point to include national level GB12268 " dangerous goods the name of an article is expressed " make with international Maritime Organization " international danger freightage is regular " , have explosion, combustible, harm, corrode, the character such as radioactivity, assemble and unassemble in waterage, haven and store in waiting for a process, create into person casualties and property damage need easily special defended goods.
The 4th the Ministry of Communication is in charge of goods of countrywide haven danger supervising the work.
Provincial with the communication of government of city class people that establishs a division (haven) the dangerous goods that the powers and authorities of office that director branch decides according to local people government is in charge of the haven inside area of politics of one's own profession supervises the work.
The haven administration branch that government of haven seat people sets is specific and responsible the dangerous goods of this haven supervises the work.
The 5th prohibits assembling and unassemble in haven, store the dangerous goods that the country prohibits passing waterage.
The 6th is built, rebuild, the haven establishment such as field of commercial and transportation center of work of extend danger goods, library, storage tank, berth, ought to accord with haven overall planning and country to concern make standard and standard, after department of administration of classics seat haven is approved, according to the country concerned infrastructure program is dealt with examine and approve formalities.
Haven administration department is built in approval, rebuild, when dock of extend danger goods, berth, ought to ask for maritimely beforehand the administration agrees.
Before the haven establishment such as field of the dock that haven of the 7th dangerous goods works, library, storage tank, berth throws exercise, ought to concern compasses methodize to check and accept according to the country. After checking and accept qualification, square but consign is used.
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