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Danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set
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(5) do not withhold relevant document by the regulation.
The 276.307th aerogram
Violate this regulation, by air mail perhaps is tasted in danger of the carry secretly inside aerogram, perhaps taste danger conceal newspaper, give false information to be common article by air mail, concern formulary processing by the country.
The 276.309th trains
(A) operation person, consignor or the 276.155th (C) the relevant orgnaization that the paragraph asks does not undertake to its personnel by the regulation danger tastes training to perhaps train not to accord with this regulation to ask, by bureau just instruct correct, can be in with warning or 1000 yuan of above 30 thousand yuan of the following amerce.
(B) any personnel disobey this regulation to train a requirement to be engaged in relevant aviation carrying an activity, by bureau square place with warning or 1000 yuan of the following amerce.
P chapter supplementary articles
The 276.329th applies
This provision applies since September 1, 2004. Civil aviaton total bureau released on Feburary 27, 1996 " danger of Chinese civil aviation tastes carriage management to set " abolish at the same time.

Appendix A is defined
Following term has following meanings when using in this regulation:
Danger tastes: Can constitute hazard to healthy, safe, belongings or environment, in tasting detailed list, be stated and have classified article or material according to engineering instruction in the danger of engineering instruction.
Engineering instruction: Be show what international Civil Aviation Organization releases is active and effective " danger tastes aviation safety to carry engineering instruction " (Doc 9284-AN/905) file, the additional data that includes to decide to approve and be announced via board of international Civil Aviation Organization and any appendices.
Operation person: Be engaged in or provide the person that aerostat runs, organization or company.
Bureau square: Point to management board of district of civil aviaton total bureau, civil aviaton and its agency.
Churchyard moves: The aerostat of draw together of churchyard carry luggage that this regulation indicates takes off in churchyard of People's Republic of China, the moving that land and flies across.
Cargo aircraft: Remove a plane beyond any aerostat of carry article or material.
Plane: Outside the delegate of accredit of authority concerned of the operation person employee that is on duty with etc except unit member, country or the person of escort in transportation that consign goods or other goods, carry the aerostat of any personnel.
Consign goods: A in serving as a batch when operation person is in reception use to deliver to a consignee toward address of a destination from an an address, consignor or many danger tastes package.
Pilot: Direct function is had in flying by what operation person or general aerial everybody appoint and be in charge of the driver that flight safety operates.
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