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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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Freight market needs to make a brand

Freight market the process that now is a reshuffle. Current, really a lot of capital swarm into this industry, in also a lot of freight companies begin to devote into the development of freight market.

Commercial real estate has investment value most inside all landed projects, its return rate exceeded real-estate project even. Guangzhou city is handed in appoint a staff member expresses, regard freight as the market at present kind the investment of project of commercial real estate is in 10 thousand yuan thousands of or so mostly, if be managed well, general 2 arrive 3 years inside OK disinvestment.

But investment freight market is having a risk likewise, market of investment construction freight is first condition, want to have the freight market license plate that the government sector issues namely. Next, if the market is done not the word of flourishing, come without the company bear if hiring, have a risk very much. In addition, market of a few freight even now and then face external interference, “ is met sometimes somebody will receive protection to expend ” . And the personnel as a result of the pass in and out inside goods yard is much, and very complex, it is very important to strengthen security personnel to work so.

What freight market is deficient in “ now is a brand, low class is on line fixed position. Our goods yard should change this kind of way namely, make a brand come from design of function, building. 2 period after construction is finished, will collect 300 freight company, freight circuitry enclothes city of above of countrywide county class. Carry freight market upgrade and the standard of freight market, the whole that is Guangzhou freight industry as a result upgrades. ” Peng Cheng says.

Guangzhou freight company is in centrally add raft number of road, Sha Tailu exceeds 6000

The economy of the development of Guangzhou freight market and Guangdong grows be closely bound up, the freight market of Guangzhou from on 80 time begin the century start, had become the whole nation's oldest other people to shed distribution centre through development of 20 years.

All sorts of home appliance that Guangdong produces, small commodities, intertropical fruit, arrive from the carry outside Guangzhou countrywide each district, at the same time nonlocal rice and other raw material also are gone to by carry Guangdong. Accompanying the prosperity of Guangzhou freight market, large quantities of one freight markets and freight company emerge as the times require.

Guangzhou city is handed in appoint a staff member says, the freight company of Guangzhou city is very at present much, conservative figure was to had exceeded 6000. At present these freight companies basically are centered inside the freight market of two area, it is to add raft road, it is Sha Tailu.

But the backside that flourishs in Guangzhou freight market also is existing a few problems. Among them one of because freight company is too much,be, created competition too intense, the profit margin of whole industry has comparatived low.
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