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The success that our country highway builds, problem and measure
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For this, the highway transportation course of study of our country should from make an issue of of the following respects:
It is to continue to accelerate highway infrastructure to build. According to the program of the the Ministry of Communication, road network should be perfected further during 915 ” of “ , among them the freeway will achieve 65 thousand kilometer, highway of 2 class above achieves 450 thousand kilometer, rural highway achieves 1.8 million kilometer. Want to accelerate the process of area and unifinication of urban and rural traffic, layout of field of station of scientific program highway transportation, increase station field to build investment, build hub of a batch of passenger transport, content to shed garden division. Want to expand transport power further, increase volume, raise lash-up to ensure ability. Guide through market policy, car model structure will get further improvement, scale of high-grade passenger car will be achieved in 75% the left and right sides; The scale of heavy truck, special van and compartment type car also can rise substantially. Highway transportation passenger traffic volume year all grow 6% to control, goods volume year all grow 4% to control. In the meantime, want to strengthen lash-up to carry safeguard system construction further, ensure answer all sorts of sudden incident effectively, the passenger transportation of the passenger flow fastigium such as the carriage that ensures goods and materials of national emphasis goods and materials, rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief and holiday.
2 it is the full-scale development that accelerates carriage service industry. Service of technology of farther perfect car guarantees a system, advance motor vehicle to maintain company chain to manage, raise motor vehicle to maintain quality and service level, build countrywide motor vehicle to maintain rescuing network. Drive a driver to groom further implementation standardization, standardization, specialization, build drive the sincere letter of the school and trainer examines a system, rise groom quality. Want to pass policy guiding, encourage a car to make business development produce the model with safe environmental protection, reliable economy, the high coach and van, special vehicle, container traffic, many gross ril load in encouraging van and small-sized van develop, wash out what tall, function needs specific power consumption to carry car quickly. Accelerate development country passenger transport, need makes overall plans position of line of urban and rural passenger transport, resource of reasonable configuration passenger transport, drive unifinication of urban and rural passenger transport; Want to encourage an enterprise to expand line of rural passenger transport, convenient farmer masses takes a car. In addition, still ought to take seriously breed and market of normative freight representative, carry to dangerous goods and large thing ought to execute professional representative.
3 it is to raise highway transportation to organize service level energetically. Want to serve quality through be being improved energetically, the quality reputation that builds market principal part examines a system, farther standard carries market order, raise carriage service level. In respect of highway passenger traffic, want to raise rate of unifinication of urban and rural passenger transport, those who had made network of urban and rural passenger transport join, raise level of passenger transport understand, make all villages and towns that connect highway and administrative village open regular bus of rural passenger transport stage by stage. In freight respect, should be with national freeway network rely on, develop frequent visitor freight to be defeated energetically, continue to accelerate carriage organization, manage and transport power structural adjustment, guide an enterprise to build freight of perfect and frequent visitor to lose a network. Encourage an enterprise to hold concurrently and recombine to be transformed with share-holding system, advance dimensions to change, intensive is changed manage; Encourage other people of through traffic of development trailer droped and picked up transportation, container transport, small rapid movement, much style, city to flow deserve to send wait for carriage organization form, guide freight company to shed an enterprise to change to modern other people stage by stage.
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