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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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As a result of inchoate enter freight industry doorsill very low, should wrap a car to be able to do a freight only even, companies of a lot of “ grouse ” that do not have card without the card also joined freight market. Even someone says, guangzhou city has the freight company of license plate has 3000, but the company that does not have license plate is morer than this number. “ the last few years, whole freight company is in keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort. Because freight company is too much,basically be, mutual between malign competition. The average profit margin of freight business already from 2002 15% dropped 3% present, it is annual almost drop a few percent. ” was engaged in the staff member of 10 old freight saying.

Remove to upgrade into goods yard greatly chance

Removing this to also be regarded by the personage inside a lot of course of study is Guangzhou freight market new the chance of round of development. Draw near increasingly as what remove to be restricted greatly, industry of Guangzhou city freight upgrades also spreading out stealthily. A few freight markets that build in development division begin to choose the company of high grade freight with strong actual strength to enter the arena. “ our tenement is the freight company that runs 10 years of above mostly, in this industry, having 10 years to manage history, the company must want to have the actual strength that comparative. ” Peng Cheng says.

A lot of freight markets have not to become the guild regulations of article, price of admission should be made before freight company is hiring berth for the first time namely, differ to several yuan from 10 thousand yuan, in addition hire also is to adopt two detain of “ to hire ” more, the hire that should fall two months first namely serves as cash pledge. “ actually, before freight company is entering formally, a berth should pay 30 thousand multivariate fee commonly, if bear the berth that hire is much, need many yuan 10 even the hundred thousands of yuan charge that start. This to a few small companies, it is to assume what do not rise for certain. This also is destined a few small freight companies will disappear from goods yard. A personage inside course of study says ” .

In addition the malign competition as a result of too much freight company, bring about Guangdong freight a strange phenomenon appeared on the market, it is freight cannot written guarantee now, manufacturer should owe 2 ~ of freight company commonly the freight of 3 months, to a few small freight companies, procrastinate not to rise at all. If “ says, need 500 thousand yuan to be able to establish the word of company of a freight only before, so want travel of 1 million yuan of ability now. Once manufacturer was owed on ten million yuan freight does not give, start company of a batch of freight dead. A few small companies that do not have actual strength are being fallen into disuse to go out bureau. A personage inside course of study says ” .
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