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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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Guangzhou freight history on the biggest remove prelusive pull open intermediate zone inside entire goods yard in succession change comes development division goods yard will be greeted upgrade chance

On July 25 midday, the Peng Cheng that carrying burning sun on the head to turn a long time in goods yard returned air conditioning office, still do not have there's still time and reporter to greet sb, he takes plastic kettle suddenly fill a few tea.

Peng Cheng is Guangzhou city Qing Feng the president of 0 freight market, he makes a “ before half an year the act of bold ” , investment is in 35 million yuan town of well of stone of white cloud area built market of a large freight. He became Guangzhou new “ of market of round of freight shuffles the “ in ” most one of person ” that eat crab first.

According to overall planning of freight transport of Guangzhou town road, to the end of 2009, large quantities of one change outside be located in the goods yard inside ” of intermediate zone of Guangzhou city “ to want develop area ” to “ , this will be throughout history of industry of Guangzhou city freight removes the most large-scale.

Current, the freight market of Guangzhou basically is in centrally add raft road and Sha Tailu along the line. Remove this mean company of at least thousands of freight wants ” of “ move nest. How does the freight line of business of Guangzhou face this to adjust? The most large-scale on freight history remove what kind of influence does the freight job that can the action give Guangzhou city again bring? The foreground of market of freight of the Guangzhou after removing how?

Every goods yard has remove schedule

The market of a freight that Qing Feng builds inside the freight development division that 0 freight market is Guangzhou city program, june just completion, be located in well of stone of white cloud area to press down Qing Longlu, endure wide clear freeway closely to celebrate a bumper harvest to expend a station. Market first phase covers an area of 40 thousand much square metre, build in all have 400 berth, still have the parking lot of 500 parking space, 2 period construction still is in the program.

The absurd source of student of the market decides before half an year quickly from Peng Cheng: Spend every square metre nearly 10 yuan month is hired, lease the uncultivated land that left environs of 40 thousand much square metre, investment builds market of a freight 35 million yuan. “ makes this decision, I considered 3 days only. My this individual is such, when wanting to have the successful rate of 30% only, I can move, if arrived 50% , this business also annulus be less than me to do. ” Peng Cheng says.

Actually, qing Feng of 0 freight market be born having a bigger background, that is market of Guangzhou city freight be faced with throughout history the most large-scale remove. According to overall planning of freight transport of Guangzhou town road, the limits of the city zone of freight transport of Guangzhou town road differentiates to be mixed for central area, intermediate zone development division, to the end of 2009, namely before the Asia Game is held, guangzhou city intermediate zone all goods yard remove to expand a division outwards entirely. Key development gold will surround highway henceforth advocate hub content sheds highway of garden area, Bai Yun advocate hub content sheds content of airport of garden area, Guangzhou to shed garden area, Na Sha the 4 freight content such as area of content shedding garden sheds garden division.
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