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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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Prospect of Guangzhou freight market is valued

Current, companies of a few large foreign capital freight also garrison Guangzhou in succession freight market, to this, the Peng Cheng that having old freight experience expresses, current, foreign content sheds an enterprise to return won't native land to Guangzhou content to shed an enterprise to cause too big impact, because be on quote,native land content sheds a business or have clear advantage. The situation with general “ is abroad knows the name and description of a thing to shed a business under the profit margin of 23% , they won't be done, but even if domestic enterprise is low 10 percent, be willing to do very much. ”

About the foreground of market of Guangzhou city freight, peng Cheng says, this is a foreground very valued industry, american highway transportation should develop than railroad and aviation. The thing that makes Hua Na as Guangzhou sheds a center, the freight market of Guangzhou also will grow ceaselessly, freight portfolio also is met year after year increases.

Among current freight business, highway transportation is development is the most swift and violent. As the construction of countrywide freeway network, the foreground of road freight transport will be valued continuously.

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