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Ning Bo, boat hill harbor wells balanced port area billow stimulates chew operat
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In new Zhejiang net on June 5 report on June 2, middle east (Zhou Shan) harbor Wu limited company wells balanced in county of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain port area billow stimulates chew high 10 thousand tons of class hold harbor celebration on general dock, this indicates billow of harbor Gao Ting port area stimulates a Zhou Shan of Ning Bo — chew operation area opens harbor formally. Husband of clean of deputy mayor anxiety attended to open harbor celebration. Freight representative introduces

Billow of high pavilion port area stimulates chew operation area to be located in south bank of island of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain, deep water water front makes an appointment with 5000 meters endlong, bank paragraph forward position depth of water 10 ~ 50 meters, 10 meters of fathom line spur a bank 50 ~ 300 meters, and by east westerly broadens gradually, channel can satisfy shipping of 50 thousand tons of class to pass through. Billow stimulated the haven condition with chew advantageous operation area to attract the eyeball of businessman of numerous China and foreign countries. Last year, the East China Sea in Japan carries the company limited establishs middle east in hill of another name for Taishan Mountain (Zhou Shan) harbor Wu limited company, here investment develops general commercial and transportation center of 10 thousand tons of class. Surge the one share of chew operation area as whole billow, this company has berth of 10 thousand tons of class (berth depth of water, water area and channel all give attention to two or morethings) of seagoing vessel of 30 thousand tons of class, berth overall length spends 219 meters, usable floor area of rear Liu Yu 40254 square metre, major pursues dock goods assemble and unassemble, cent outfit, carry, establishment of representative of storage, freight, haven is managed wait for omnibus content to shed form a complete set to serve, haven year take in and send out in large quantities ability 500 thousand tons of above.

The East China Sea carries Ling of admire of king of company limited president says in, this company will noon middle east port area as join next the platform of economic commerce, rely on group of Japanese middle east, use and enlarge oneself haven advantage, make development and photograph of the function that keep tax join, and forward “ crosses a state the way that industrial trade matter spreads central ” tries hard, strive for become haven of delta of the Yangtse River group regional carriage component.