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Supply and demand of ships of 3 large main force market is analysed
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Bulk cargo boat: Demand of future of carriage pattern mutation is sufficient
In world Maritime Organization (IMO) and association of international ship's classification society (the “ collective orgnaization that IACS) rolls out is normative (CSR)” on April 1, 2006 before become effective March, global dockyard appears the phenomenon that ship-owner assault orders a ship, partial month drops somewhat later. Begin to increase considerably after September 2006, climbed quickly each months 2007 especially litre, exceed greatly in March 2006 the quantity ordering a ship of the portion, the underlying demand that indicates the market is quite exuberant. In the meantime, because have bulk cargo boat mostly senile boat is much, prospective demand is bigger, order can satisfy newer requirement only. Additional, begin from December 2006, secondhand average price exceeds the boat new vessel, and have enlarge a trend, main reason is bulk cargo boat carriage market is hot, cause secondhand boat hoard as a rare commodity. The personage inside course of study points out, order and delivery capacity rise considerably, demonstrative whole world is produced effectively can add fast still do not follow to go up demand is added fast, produce can breach has enlarge a trend continuously.
Oil tanker: Newer requirement props up house of order boat price not to fall high
As we have learned, existing oil tanker is oil tanker of senile boat, simple case more, in all 98.9 million carring capacity ton, by international anti-fouling convention regulation must fall into disuse before 2010. The boat in double carapace boat age of 20 years of above have 4.4 million carring capacity ton, 15 ~ 8 million carring capacity of 19 years ton, predict oil tanker of double carapace advanced age can create about 8.4 million carring capacity ton renew demand. Newer requirement in all 107.3 million carring capacity ton, press at present 150 million carring capacity ton order computation, still have 42.7 million carring capacity ton order need adds demand newly to solve ability to poise. Since 2003, secondhand oil tanker all valence exceeds new vessel, subsequently both price difference expands gradually. And since 2006, of freight rate and boat price go situation appear deviate from, main reason is to be in while new vessel puts in the market ceaselessly, of simple case oil tanker wash out pace to did not catch up with, cause transport power of oil tanker market to appear to cross the phenomenon of remnant relatively. In the meantime, oil tanker carries the demand of the market to maintain relative stability, transport power supply exceeds demand brings about oil tanker freight rate to be in low wander. Under photograph comparing, because dockyard holds order enough, produce can opposite inadequacy, not was necessary to make price war to receive order more, so boat price did not follow freight rate drops, rise steadily however instead. Before predicting 2010 sheet is restricted of housing oil tanker to come greatly, boat of carapace sufferring sheet tears open the influence with solution slow progress, level of oil tanker freight rate still can continue to drop. But 2009 the bottom arrives at the beginning of 2010 between, the circumstance that oil tanker freight rate may appear to rise quickly. Will look because of the circumstance before taking order, boat of major simple case wants protracted tear open solution centrally to at that time. Under photograph comparing, new vessel market will be stabler, the effect that suffers freight rate wave motion is less, main reason is giant newer requirement form to order and boat price prop up strongly.
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