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First Shandong entrance is planted the pig passes segregation quarantine
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By Yantai limited company of representative of freight of national forest international acts as agent, the ground is planted in course of study (group) limited company is planted from 816 when Canada imports the segregation quarantine that the pig ended 45 days on November 30, plant except 1 pig quarantine positive is attacked to kill outside, quarantine of the others animal is eligible, pass segregation quarantine smoothly thereby.

Should approve kind of pig to entered a country from Qingdao airport on October 16 this year, deposit in Shandong hypo Er 6 keep apart temporarily with animal of breeding limited company (Yantai Hai Yang city) . Before keeping apart quarantine, yantai examines quarantine bureau formulate detailed segregation quarantine program, pressed a regulation strictly to undertake alexipharmic handling to segregation field; After the animal enters the arena, vet of full-time of Yantai bureau arrangement is stationed in 24 hours superintend, have clinical examination to all animals everyday, supervisory business has been done raise management and job of wholesome epidemic prevention daily, prohibit strictly foreign staff enters segregation quarantine field, fill in seriously superintendency record. The animal enters the arena one week later, begin to collect blood, hand-in-hand travel tuberculosis experiments inside the skin.

Basis " the quarantine that People's Republic of China inputs a pig from Canada and wholesome condition protocol " regulation, segregation quarantine needs to detect gastroenteritis of infectivity of disease of bacili of family name of cloth of pig reproduction and respiratory system syndrome, pig, pig, pig is petty 6 kinds of epidemic disease such as pleurisy of infectivity of virus disease, tuberculosis, pig. Classics lab detects, final check gives reproduction of a pig and positive of respiratory system syndrome. Yantai bureau pressed a regulation strictly to undertake attacking killing to electropositive animal, processing of destroy by melting or burning.

Should approve kind of pig to be planted for Canada of high grade entrance pig, main breed is overcome to grow white, become known and Du Luo. Kind after pig discharged, will raise in Shandong area, progenitive, the stud stock resource that should save to reforming, development of stimulative stock raising has positive effect.