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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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Qing Feng first phase project of 0 freight market this year in June 25 formal and finishing, true action lease just a month, the archives opening that has an in part is hired. This speed that enrol business also calculates “ created a miracle, in the industry it is very scarce, some freight markets should use the 5 time that come 7 years to just do flourishing. Accepted theory or formulation of ” Wu Zhou. This is a clear signal actually, as the new position of freight market, many freight companies had begun to act ahead of schedule.

Recently, company of freight of harbor of Guangzhou city spic removed to celebrate abundant stealthily inside 0 freight market. Feng Xin of president of spic harbor freight can be hired at a draught in goods yard issued 19 berth, determination plans for base with this the company is new round development blue print. Feng Xin can say: This goods yard is developing “ inside the area, leave the urban district the closest again, should have development outlook very much. The message that ” removes greatly to goods yard, feng Xin can say, “ had heard of, although there is not further information now, but should act earlier for certain. ”

In Qing Feng inside 0 freight market, the reporter saw a lot of freight companies that just opened business is from add raft remove in the market of a few freight on the road come over.

Just right of 0 freight market is in “ Qing Feng to raft at adding the outspread region of the road. Will form the along the line of the market of a freight that is bibcock with Qing Feng henceforth, add continuance at present raft the freight market of the road. Accepted theory or formulation of ” Wu Zhou.

Profit margin drops to 3%

25 days midday 12 when, outside company of spic harbor freight, the goods stack that has baled one ground, prepare the carry that assemble a car to go out. The company president Feng Xin that worked about 20 years in freight industry can point to these goods, tell to the reporter had knack of doing business, if “ my advocate does the freight of medium and small businesses to act as agent, the money that I receive has little share only is consignor sends those who come to come directly, much or other small freight companies turn to me. The money that receives because of them is little, be not done, give again after their deduct a percentage from a sum of money so we come deliver goods. ”

To at present the current situation of freight, feng Xin can say, “ is small now, the freight company that does not have a card is very much, control the price very lowly. A ton of goods carries from Guangzhou Zhuhai carries expend talent 100 yuan of money. In the meantime, charge of fat fee, vehicle repair and manpower cost are higher, the business is done particularly hard. And business of freight of precatory of a few big companies wants freight company to receive money for you now, some even for you gathering. The pressure of such freight companies is very great, if once the clerk flies odd, have to want a company to come compensate. ”
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