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The price: Goods measures transport power to arrive at a balance to be nodded hi
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According to net of Chinese boat trade [weekly inquiry] , though each line freight rate still gives priority to melody with the attune on all sorts of surtax, but with what differ before this be, each district begins to react goods estimates growth last week relatively before two weeks drop somewhat, even European line freight rate still has a few U.S. dollors are small to reduce, at the same time the state of insecurity of cabin seat or berth also alleviates somewhat. These evidence are in it seems that make clear, the market that freight rate and volume appeared to achieve sex of a phase balances high point.
And the viewpoint that occupies Department of Commerce, because second half of the year exports drawback rate to adjust caused exit to grab carry general no longer large-scale continue, make goods measures growth to may encounter certain resistance, go up somewhat ceaselessly plus each course transport power tone, and ” of “ ox party halved partial freight rate, these reasons bring about the likelihood the backwater that freight rate rises, it is the backwater of level sex at least. What although freight rate is mixed last week,the message of the attune on surtax still comparatives is much.