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Guangzhou goods yard removes greatly begin local freight market afresh " shuffle
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On June 30, 2005, close formally with heart freight market those who pulled open Guangzhou downtown goods yard to remove is prelusive. To the end of last year January, market of ovine city through traffic is shut, guangzhou city goods yard removes finish the first phase to work, central division goods yard is entire outside change. Current, guangzhou city is removing in the goods yard that boosts the 2nd level, intermediate zone all goods yard are entire outside change comes development division. The goods yard of intermediate zone basically is centered in Sha Tailu along the line to mix add raft road along the line, add especially raft portfolio of road freight transport is very large.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to estimate, be in at present whole add raft freight market is shared on the road 10 many, the freight company that assembles 棸 not less than 2000. And at present these freight markets a lot of it is inside intermediate zone, removing dimensions will be unprecedented.

Guangzhou city is handed in appoint a staff member expresses, because faze civilian, traffic is mixed the problem such as pollution, gave the freight market move of intermediate zone a problem that must solve. The each freight market inside intermediate zone of “ Guangzhou city has to remove schedule. ”

According to Guangzhou municipal government " remove to develop an area to find a place for about market of intermediate zone freight the conference summary of the problem that use the land " (spic government office is met discipline [2006] 233 article) regulation, encourage operator of market of intermediate zone freight to arrive use grows an area to search new freight market construction to use the land. Gold of white cloud area surrounds content to shed garden area to prepare to construct freight market, the program line that should receive to cost stands and celebrate abundant content to shed a center to be in in wide great-hearted Su Qingfeng plans with boreal limits optional location; Parking lot of the freight market of Sha Tailu along the line, van removes, can plan with boreal limits in Jin Panling channel optional location.

Remove the most large-scale on freight history as Guangzhou city, in development division built-in freight market is well worth doing. We build “ this goods yard is to carry on of intermediate zone goods yard move. And the market that at present Guangzhou city returns neither one to have a brand very, our target is to make market of a brand. ” Peng Cheng says.

Freight company already began an action ahead of schedule

On July 22, look at seek the client that comes to come, wu Zhou is become interrupted the introduction “ of circumstance general reporter is desolate ” aside, busy move receives money make out an invoice to the client.

Wu Zhou is become is Qing Feng the director enrolling business of 0 freight market, goods yard just built him so busy that cannot leave hand in, this cannot think of even him himself.
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