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Limited company of representative of freight of Tianjin day rainbow
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Brief introduction

Limited company of representative of freight of Tianjin day rainbow is the freight of one class international that holds water via approval of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China acting enterprise.

The company held water 1996, by international of company of group of Tianjin day sea, Tianjin marine company is contributive registered wholy-owned and state-owned company, it is international of company of day sea group, Tianjin the important mainstay business of marine company and external the window. The company holds to client first to manage guiding principle and it is with the person this administrative concept, all previous classics is old run meticulously, in the establish in broad client image of brand of ” of “ Tian Hong, main effect produced inside course of study, the company contracts to do a job to have ship oneself not only container, medicinal powder the marine business of groceries, and still established good cooperative relationship with each large ship company, can offer container for consignor, medicinal powder the entire line operation of groceries and relevant service.

Company scope of operations: Contract to do a job the container of world each course, medicinal powder groceries is carried, chartering business, the Qing Dynasty of goods of imports and exports closes receive money, the business of through traffic of international country much mood of airborne, land transportation, railroad, deal with declare at customs, each business such as trade supervision, insurance.

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