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Dalian is new limited company of yuan of international freight representative
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Dalian is new limited company of yuan of international freight representative it is the country that approval of department of trade of classics country classics establishs company of representative of freight of one class international, it is association of representative of China International freight (CIFA) honorary member, and 2007 in succession by world freight alliance (federation of association of representative of freight of WCA) , international (FIATA) induct for the member, it is collect multinomial business takes the place of at the omnibus goods of a suit company.


The company has the powerful and rigorous network connection that handles system, unobstructed. Can carry on external the international of goods of imports and exports of marine, airborne, land transportation carries acting business, include of scope of business orders cabin, change trains, storage, container to tear open outfit, go all out outfit, declare at customs, newspaper check, safe, inland is carried, service of much style through traffic reachs relevant advisory business to wait. As in last few years the rapid development of business, the company is in early or late and other places of Shanghai, Ning Bo, Qingdao, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhan Jiang, Beijing, Urumqi, Chengdu, Chongqing establishs a branch, form perfect Chinese inland to serve a network; International respect relies on WCA to organize powerful appeal force to reach spread all over the member unit at world each district, can reach all sorts of freightage the world each district 300 many destination.

Company and each ship company are maintaining good cooperative relationship all the time. By means of and COSCO CHINA SHIPPING, CMA/CGM, K - the good relationship that the world such as LINE, MAERSK, APL, NYK, MSC's well-known shipping company cooperates for years and establishs, the company can provide classics home for the client each privilege that big haven sends past world each district freight rate, stronger actual strength is had alone in also importing business accordingly at the same time.

The company is had old with large and medium-sized the experience that the company cooperates. Come for years, company all the time with large and medium-sized the collaboration of the enterprise regards as main strategic goal, through our old effort, had been in China quite quantitative client provides long-term international freight service, if limited company of group of Dalian machine tool, Dalian weighs labour,remove heavy group limited company, Dalian to show group limited company, Dalian greatly group of bearing of company of imports and exports of textile of Inc. of bearing of inn of limited company of Hua Lu group, tile-roofed house, Harbin, Harbin is waited a moment. Hold to “ sincere letter to respect show the world, the service concept of ” of dovish service whole world, we will provide most quick, economy, safe carriage service for you wholeheartedly, and expectation becomes your long-term partner.
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