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Act as agent with smooth international freight (China) agency of limited company
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: : Company brief introduction: : Act as agent with smooth international freight (China) branch of limited company Tianjin


My company is to register at the United States appear on the market company, have company of representative of close a hunderd schools all over the world. China was entered as CEPA 2004, WLG is registered in China and smooth international freight acts as agent (China) limited company is the one class freight with the solely invested foreign capital that 12 foreign capital that radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of business affairs of People's Republic of China approves are in China acting limited company. Tianjin agency basically is in charge of the advisory contact of goods of FOB of branch of head office overseas. Act as agent with smooth international freight (China) limited company acceptance of consignment is marine, goods of airborne imports and exports and international item on display, private article, the country of goods of pass through the territory of a country carries a representative.