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Tianjin east luck inferior limited company of international freight representati
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My company is to be engaged in representative of international country freight transport and content shedding the major of much style through traffic company of representative of freight of one class international, so far already open up the whole world one hundred the marine business of many haven course, can carry on container, medicinal powder groceries, spell box and business of airborne entire line imports and exports.

My company marine business is long-term Da Fei of Wu of boat of as abroad as east, peace and tranquility, Mediterranean shipping, France, win with mailer of passenger liner of president of steamboat of astral ship, plain Qi, United States, South America, Germany, Mashiji, southeast Asia is marine, mitsui of passenger liner of shipping of chief of a tribe of couplet of boat of long flourish, Yang Ming, Han Jin, Saudi Arabia country, A, Japan, big slope, medium far, medium the sea, day sea, a vast sea of fog, grand sea, outside carry, Hebuluote, . . . . . . Wait for collaboration of a few shipping company, airborne business is long-term the airline such as sky of boat of boat, big Han, day, as full as the country day, bay boat, new boat cooperates, can offer more favourable price to serve at the client.

Additionally my company still can make foreign trade window for the enterprise. For drawback of imports and exports of enterprise pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, absolve the trouble back at home of the enterprise thereby, accomplish truly for enterprise consider!

The company continues business of entire line imports and exports, the hope can cooperate for a long time with your company!

Arrange Zhu Shangqi!

Address: Tianjin city river area horse field on the west postcode of A-1708 of trade centre of 59 international economy: 300203
Address of new harbor agency: 15 197 — international trade and shipping serve seaside of Tianjin city free tax zone area edifice of 2 buildings seascape 804 rooms
Contact: King Zheng mobile phone: 13512854003 TEL:86-22-58581058 extension 901
FAX:86-22-58581068 86-22-58581062 MSN:wElcome999@live.c