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In company of representative of 運 of 貨 of aviation of Tianjin of the 運 outsid
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Company interpose 紹
發 of empty 運 of 運 of China and foreign countries extends Inc. Tianjin branch is 會 of 協 of 輸 of 運 of 國 際 aviation (IATA) becomes 員, it is 經 貿 the one 級 aviation that bureau of 總 of civil aviaton of the 國 in mixing approves 準 運 輸 company, it is 擁 has complete 國 content to shed 網 絡 to fasten 統 and 應 to shed 計 to calculate 機 management 軟 with content of beautiful 國 MK the company of acting 運 輸 that the aviation that fastens 統 and content shed 專 業, it is 運 of 貨 of aviation of 內 of the large 國 際 that airport of Beijing, Tianjin has 譽 of 較 tall 聲 , 國 and content 撥 of 運 drifting 儲 , cent, deserve to send 專 業 look forward to one of 業. The company uses 計 to calculate 機 網 絡 to change management and 應 to use entirely, the aviation 運 輸 that has 質 of a batch of Gao Su and content shed 專 業 to manage person 員, 戶 of guest of round-the-clock 為 of 24 small 時 takes 務 , "With center of guest 戶 為 , the takes my company of 務 tenet; 質 that " of meaning of complete 滿 of 讓 guest 戶 is my 們 measures square 針 is " 準 of the 標 that take 務 is excellent, control program 嚴 standard, measure management with the 質 of division 學, the guest 戶 that seeks tall 質 amount takes 務 " , 針 of 這 one party is in the management of quantity of 內 ministry 質 of 學 of my 們 division already 經 gets 實 現, already connected 過 體 of quantity of 質 of ISO9002 國 際 is 認 證.

產 tastes interpose 紹
Take 務 to include 際 of mouth of empty 運 進, exit, 國 輛 of 車 of canal of 監 of 關 of 運 of 機 of fast 遞, bag, 陸 , 報 , sea 關 and 監 are in charge of 內 of 倉 庫 , 國 儲 of 倉 of portable, content shedding, cent 撥 is distributed, the 業 務 such as acting money receiving 貨 .

Company 類 : Take 務 model
Address: Road of Nanjing of 區 of Tianjin city peace big 廈 of 20 號 Jin Huang 34 層
City&Home 國 : China
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