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Limited company of representative of freight of heart fast China
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The administrative pattern that the home products in De Xun carries acting limited company is changed with one of body offers major for the client, all-around international content sheds a service, the company spreads all over 100 nations of world, established many 830 branch, have professional stuff 47, many 000, system of global sth resembling a net of content drift net is worth you the accredit of 100% , it will join you tell world each district.

China already became the world's main economy motive force. From 1979 since reforming and opening, get swift and violent development through admitting economy of foreign capital country ceaselessly.

De Xun was in Beijing early to create the first agency of Chinese 1979. Heart fast company obtained class A letter 2004, indicate the company has become a De Xun the precede person in course of study of Chinese content popularity, and at 2006 “ is obtained in China the title of the optimal representative that return carry”

Heart fast company is the first foreign country substance that creates wholy-owned subsidiary in China sheds a company. Rose 2005, all heart fast agency in Chinese churchyard will be approved to be the branch that independent battalion carries, this will make the swift and violent progress of company business.