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Limited company of representative of freight of international of Liaoning harbor
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Limited company of representative of freight of international of Liaoning harbor nimble was 1999 the foreign capital of freightage of one class international that by national Department of Commerce, civil aviaton total office of total bureau, customs approves enterprise, approval of classics the Ministry of Communication gained competence of the carrier that do not have a boat 2002. The company invests by group of nimble of Hong Kong harbor and manage, register fund now amount of 1.48 million dollar, investment 2.08 million dollar, it is a credit distinguished the integrated thing that has international network sheds service company. Liaoning harbor nimble is the whole nation the international freight company of first foreign sole proprietorship, it is the management center that harbor nimble group is in area of Chinese China north, came to reached approval of concerned government sector via national Department of Commerce 2006 2000, establish the branch of China north area in International Airport of Tianjin, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin, Shijiazhuang early or late, cooperate a group to be in China other city (include Qingdao, jinan, power sea, connect cloud harbor, shanghai, nanjing, suzhou, ning Bo, chongqing, xiamen, fuzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen and Taipei) service system and global representative network provide efficient professional service. Nimble of harbor of Hong Kong of headquarters of harbor nimble group is international FIATA and IATA member, business network spreads all over mouth of 130 many of great capacities of world, airport and city.

Headquarters of China north division is located in Liaoning harbor nimble the people road of Dalian gold a sector of an area 68 grand praise edifice 22, take up the first class scriptorium of 416 square metre. One batch has international major level and experienced operation personnel, receipt to handle personnel and professional and efficient Qing Dynasty to close personnel, add up to 110 more than person. Liaoning harbor nimble is offerred for you professional, safety and efficient marine, airborne, declare at customs, item on display of newspaper check, storage, international is carried, project project is carried wait for integrated content to shed a service. The thing that the company provides a technology to precede sheds network of administrative software, computer to serve system, financial management system and electronic communication equipment. We are Denmark Qi of president of Mashiji, United States, Japan plain, east is abroad wait for international the representative ordering cabin that top-ranking shipping company is in Dalian area, also be medium the carriage expert with marine, airborne South America. Hold to a company to hold the professional dominant position of old traditional line, we create the technical advantage of course of the United States, Europe and cost dominant position ceaselessly, become person of the same trade and the integrated content that the client trusts to shed service company stage by stage. International exhibition business is us more one of aptitude enterprises that precede in major of China north area. In airborne domain, liaoning harbor nimble also is a kind of sale agent that the top-ranking international airline such as China International airline, southern airline is in Dalian area; The storehouse keeping tax that relies on harbor nimble group to be in England, Panama, Hong Kong, Shanghai and service network, the airborne service that is airline and person of the same trade is making positive contribution.
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