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Limited company of representative of freight of understand of Dalian extensive s
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You import domestic business from abroad, whether be business accounting freight (do CIF or do FOB) and trouble, whether to close to connect, tax cost, examine and have a headache? Good now, you want a phone or a fax only, the rest of we come to main content help you finish. I manage - limited company of representative of freight of understand of Dalian extensive sea can provide the following service for you: 1. Each main haven entrance reachs the world the freight rate of imports and exports of Chinese each haven, for you business accounting cost provides the help on freight. 2. Offer do sth for sb matters concerned of carriage insurance respect. 3. The representative of foreign trade window that offers foreign trade serves. 4. Offer import tariff respect and entrance for you place of custom of of all kinds goods requires a file seek advice. 5. Do sth for sb close, the service such as card of trade supervision, collect, can make your goods is imported inside the shortest time appoint a place to expensive department. 6. The entrance offers the door to serve to the door, namely my thing can arrange the consignor factory pick up the goods that appoints from expensive department, carry goods finally the land that designates to you is nodded, can offer whole journey to be responsible for a task unit until it is completed in the light of your goods quote, great and convenient your cost accounting, reduce each your cost. If have demand, ask connection.

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